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From: Jens Krüger
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 09:23:32 +0200

> > /bin/sh: cd: SoNXLakeShore: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
> Can you translate the message to English?  I'm guessing that the
> directory doesn't exist (since that's pretty much the main reason 'cd'
> would complain in a build tree).

Sorry, for the missing translation:
/bin/sh: cd: SoNXLakeShore: File or directory not found

You're right: The directory is missing, but only in the =build tree.
I found it in at the following places in the tree


the first contains the source to be distribute. I think, that's is correct.
the second appearance seems to be a copy of the source distribution tree and 
it is empty. The reason may be the missing directory in the =build/src tree.
(Having a look on the Makefile I saw in the 'distcheck' target, that this 
target will run a 'make dist' again ???) 

> [snip]
> > The next step I've done was to call make manually in the =build dir and
> > it works.  I think the reason for the break of distcheck is based on the
> > DIST_SUBDIRS macro.
> >
> > My question is: Is this behaviour a bug or a feature.
> 'make distcheck' is based on DIST_SUBDIRS since you want to test as
> much of your package as possible.  It is a feature.
> > The next question, is there a workaround to solve my problem?
> Given my guess, you should ensure that all directories and all
> Makefiles are created by the 'configure' scripts, even if the build
> will not enter those directories.

The problem is, the default configure script doesn't generate all features of 
the package. The normal build works fine, with and without the additional 
feature. But in 'make distcheck' I haven't any way to say the configure 
script, built all. (Or is there a way to say it?)

> - Hari



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