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Re: built files in CVS

From: Didier Verna
Subject: Re: built files in CVS
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 09:50:52 +0200
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"Steve M. Robbins" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Yeah, I know.  I've been through this argument a half-dozen times
> before on other lists.  I don't think it is appropriate to go through
> the arguments again here.


> Suffice it to say that I believe that CVS is the wrong tool for this.
> Most, if not all, of the other projects with which I am familiar agree
> with me.  Autoconf and automake are the two glaring counter-examples,
> so I wondered if they knew something that I didn't.

        Add XEmacs to your "glaring counter-examples". We don't have the
problems you describe because everybody respects the rules. Either you don't
touch these files, or you do it in accordance with the archive. I agree it
doesn't help when something fancy happens on the archive side though ;-)

Didier Verna, address@hidden,

EPITA / LRDE, 14-16 rue Voltaire   Tel.+33 (1) 53 14 59 47
94276 Le Kremlin-BicĂȘtre, France   Fax.+33 (1) 44 08 01 99   address@hidden

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