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Re: Where to place include files

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: Where to place include files
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 19:45:25 +0200

I never had problems with letting header and source files
be in the same subdir which has the name of the project itself.
Instead it gets easier to build different-named subprojects
together at the same time. W.r.t. to a "prodesk" I'd simply
bind all *.h and *.c into a subdir prodesk/prodesk, there
is just one SUBDIR=prodesk in the toplevel prodesk/ dir, 
and the subdir /prodesk makefile contains just "-I$(srcdir)/.."

btw, that way it's damn easy to have a "gdk/" and "gtk/" subdir
side-by-side under the same toplevel makefile and get to the
headers from each subproject - there's  really no need to split 
them into different tarballs/rpms for distribution. But that
may be a different story...

Julio Merino wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering about how to organize the header (.h) files on my project.
> The structure is like the following: the directory "prodesk", which is
> the toplevel directory, contains a subdirectory named "core", and another
> one named "include", both hanging from the topdir.
> In my header files, I need to do some #include's of other .h files I've
> written. These files are all placed in prodesk/core subdirectory.
> I want to put these files when they are installed on
> /usr/include/prodesk. And here, the problem arises.
> I include headers from headers like: (for example)
> #include <prodesk/string.h>
> As you may notice, there is the "prodesk/" directory preceding the header
> file, so this will work when it gets installed.
> But, to solve the include problems because missing files if the package
> is not yet installed I've done the following. I've created a subdirectory
> in prodesk/include, that is called prodesk itself. So, I try to shadow
> the real include's dir layout.
> Then, I've populated that directory with symlinks:
> (wherever I am)/prodesk/include/prodesk $ ln -s ../../core/*.h .
> This way, when building the library, it can include the files fine, and
> when is installed I guess that it will work fine.
> Do you think this is a "logical" way to do this?? Or this is weird?
> Thanks! (And sorry for this so long message)
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