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RE: [patch]: automatically buiding rpm (and others) with automake

From: Robert Collins
Subject: RE: [patch]: automatically buiding rpm (and others) with automake
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 10:00:45 +1100

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Christophe Tronche [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 6:26 AM

> autopack also has very definitive ideas on how to build a package from
> the source distribution. It does so by performing
> ./configure --prefix=<your build prefix>
> make
> make install prefix=<potential-build-root><your-prefix>.

I think this needs work. Some packages (such as IIRC gcc) and cygwin
cannot buiild in the source directory. You must build via VPATH.

Secondly, --prefix=<your build prefix> is insufficient for most
package-platform combinations. I don't think I've ever seen a deb or rpm
that wasn't built with specific var, etc and bin directories.
Thirdly, Most pacakges have at least two targets they need to create - a
binary for the architecture, and a source package. Or depending on the
packager, a source diff + a description file that is signed and includes
the crc of the src diff.
> This is all I think for now, but certainly, I'm missing a lot.

It's a good start :}. One thing that might be worth looking at is the
debian/rules file used to build debian packages. It's a Makefile itself,
and thus can be included in a package's top level rules by simply
listing the targets and running make -f $(top_srcdir)/debian/rules

That seems (to me) to be much simpler integration. I'm sure an
equivalent generic Makefile could be written for rpm, and then your
AUTOPACK macro could spit out Makefile.rpm or something similar which
then gets used in the same way.

One other point - it might be easier, and more reliable, to get the list
of files via a 'find' command, after doing make install, rather than
during the make process. This would also get man files automagically.


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