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Re: files

From: Fausto Sanchez
Subject: Re: files
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 20:50:55 -0800

Sorry about the last email. I figured out the error I was getting and it
was all our setup.

However, I was wondering if there is a way to create all the files in a
separate area. We use CVS with automake and in our source trees when
we do a cvs update -d it shows all of the files as new files, which
cause confusion to some people trying to commit files to CVS. The build area
is in a separate directory, we have .o's and such and would be nice to have
the files in there as well. I think the --output-dir flag to automake is only for creating the files on a separate area for distribution and not for daily development.

thanks in advance,

At 04:41 PM 11/7/2001 -0800, Fausto Sanchez wrote:

I used the flag "--output-dir=MYBUILDDIR" in my bootstrap file. When I
run bootstrap, the files get created in the buid area instead of
the source area( source area is the default behavior ), which is what I
want. However, when I do a gmake  I get the following error: 431: required file `./$' not found
make: *** [/auto/repyga/fas/testbuild/VegasSW/] Error 1

It appears that the gmake creates a the top level directory where I ran
bootstrap from. However, I wanted the created in our build
area and not in the src area. Once the has been created the
gmake( shown above ) works. Does the in the top level needs to
exist in there for things to work?

Thanks in advance,

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