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Re: yaccvpath sed prob

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: yaccvpath sed prob
Date: 01 Jan 2002 15:55:50 -0700

>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Welche <address@hidden> writes:

Patrick> Sorry about the previous noise: setting MAKE=gmake avoided
Patrick> the problem (which was that %OBJ% in lib/am/ was
Patrick> ../parse.c, so sed s/y\.tab\.c/../parse.c/ wasn't happy)

Were you doing a VPATH build using Solaris make?  That is known not to
work.  Last time I looked, fixing this was very hard; in fact I don't
think it could be done reliably (while preserving existing automake

Maybe we should change things so that a VPATH build requires GNU make.
We could do that by emitting a small piece of code specific to GNU
make when srcdir != '.'.  Any thoughts on that?


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