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.deb distribution/setup/maintenance

From: Tim Heath
Subject: .deb distribution/setup/maintenance
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 09:59:24 -0700

I have heard that automake now has the ability to create debian
packages.  My question is how can this .deb be used with
dselect/apt-get?  How do you set that up for automatic upgrading in
potato, woody, and sid?  How can you put your .deb on a server somewhere
and then tell apt-get and dselect it is there and broadcast that to the
opensource community at large that they can get access to automatic
updates from that server?  I love debian linux and dselect/apt-get has
been ported to cygwin if I am not mistaken.  I am eager to use it in an
intelligent way.


Tim Heath

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