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Re: some distributed header problem

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: some distributed header problem
Date: 14 Jan 2002 11:07:06 -0700

>>>>> ">" == cityhunter x-y-z <address@hidden> writes:

>> i'd like to add in a makefile something like that
>> xxxx_SOURCES =3D $(topsourcedir)/headers/smthg.h .....
>> to have make check if smthg.h have changed.... how could i 
>> do that?

First, using $(top_srcdir) like this doesn't work.  There is already a
PR on this.

Second, you don't need to add a .h file to a _SOURCES macro
(especially one in another directory) in order to get dependency
tracking.  That happens automatically.

>> second question : why are makefile generated by automake so 
>> strange?

Automake implements a lot of features.  Sometimes it is easier to
generate the code in a way that accommodates any feature, even if you
don't use it.  Some of the ugliness also comes from workarounds for
bugs in vendor `make' implementations.  And, finally, automake
sometimes implements things which most hand-written Makefiles don't

>> and why using so much sinonymes? a lot of .PHONY are the 
>> same.... couldn't it be cleaned ? (it will be easier to 
>> understand)....

I think the .PHONY lists are already unique.  Can you show me a time
when you get a duplicate?

>> third question : adding some new target : bin-dist and 
>> headers-dist, install-headers.....

I don't understand your question.
You can already add any new target that you want.


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