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Re: automake datadir files location and versioning

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: automake datadir files location and versioning
Date: 21 Jan 2002 20:56:47 -0700

>>>>> "juhp" == Jens Petersen <address@hidden> writes:

juhp> While the recent versioning of automake is a good thing, I
juhp> guess it introduces some issues with backward compatibility.
juhp> For example quite a few packages/people assume that
juhp> config.{guess,sub} are located in /usr/share/automake (not
juhp> /usr/share/automake-<apiversion>).  With the introduction of
juhp> versioning they will no longer be able to find those files.

juhp> While I know that there is better and official way for
juhp> packages to get those files (automake -a), any thoughts on
juhp> this issue?

My first inclination is to let them fend for themselves.  This
directory has always been an implementation detail of automake.  I
don't think we've ever documented or advertised its contents, and
we've always felt free to change it at will.

Can you give an example of what programs rely on this?
I'm curious to know what we might be breaking.


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