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Automake's include "overrides" makes include?

From: Daniel Shane
Subject: Automake's include "overrides" makes include?
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 16:27:09 -0500


I am trying to write a rule that will rebuild a tar.gz of a number of
directories when some of the files change. Here is an example of Makefile
that works with make :

DIRS = project1 project2
RESULT = $(foreach dir,$(DIR),$(dir).tar.gz)

all: $(RESULT)

        tar xvf $@ ($subst .tar.gz,,$@)

include Makefile
        for dir in $(DIRS); do \
                echo -n "$$f.tar.gz: " >> $@; \
                find $$f -type f -printf "%p " >> $@; \

This uses a cleaver "include" make trick. When tar_deps gets overriten, make
will re-include it and re-scan the Makefile.

Now when I use this with automake, it doesnt work because I cant seem to be
able to pass the "include" statement intact to the Makefile
since it is also a keywork of automake. Does anyone have an idea on how I
could work around this? 

Of course, I would like a solution where I do not have to list all the files
in project1 "hard-coded" in the Is this possible?

I'm out of ideas...

Daniel Shane

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