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Re: AC_INIT translates PACKAGE to lower case

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: AC_INIT translates PACKAGE to lower case
Date: 02 Feb 2002 00:28:15 -0700

>>>>> "Akim" == Akim Demaille <address@hidden> writes:

Akim> Automake names PACKAGE what Autoconf name PACKAGE_TARNAME.  In
Akim> addition, Autoconf support PACKAGE_NAME.  Because in many cases
Akim> PACKAGE_TARNAME can be computed from the PACKAGE_NAME, such a
Akim> _default_ is provided.  If you don't like it, define your value
Akim> for the TARNAME.

Akim> But again, I repeat, nothing can have changed here, since it was
Akim> not existing before.  Read again: Autoconf has two where
Akim> Automake has one, and you don't seem to see that you confuse the
Akim> two Autoconf's.

Automake used PACKAGE with a specific meaning for years.  It is
unfortunate that Autoconf has chosen to use the same name with a
different meaning.  But I don't wish to belabor this point.

Automake can optionally AC_DEFINE PACKAGE and VERSION.  Should it
define these to the value of AC_PACAKGE_{TARNAME,VERSION}, for
compatibility with Automake's own history?  That would let us
recommend a very simple transition from old-style to new-style
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.  But it also seems a bit strange.

If we elect not to do this then we must add a warning to the manual
saying that the obvious change is incorrect.


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