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mutliple directories for _LIBADD

From: Gary Hughes
Subject: mutliple directories for _LIBADD
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 14:44:36 +1100
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Is there anyway to specify mutiple directories for a libtool library referenced in a _LIBADD statement?

i.e. Instead of writing

program_LIBADD    =    $(libdir)/

Is there a way of telling automake that may be in any of several directories?

The reason is that we currently have a system where there is a central set of bin, lib and include directories that are referenced automatically if a given developer has not compiled a particular module. Secondly, each developer has their own bin, lib, and include directories that are looked in first so if they are working on particular module they link against their copy without affecting anyone else.

The current system simply sets the appropriate -L linker flags and everything works fine. I don't want to resort to this approach because I lose the ability of libtool to automatically link dependencies for me.

Is there any way of achieving this with automake and libtool?



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