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Re: how to override variables?

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: how to override variables?
Date: 05 Mar 2002 14:17:11 -0700

>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Hornby <address@hidden> writes:

Alex> I'm trying to update some old's to the CVS automake. Its
Alex> going well except I can't see a way to override a variable value

Alex> I'm using this for a variety of things, and just want the one in the
Alex> last textual order to stick.

Alex> Is there an option to turn off this warning? If not would a patch be
Alex> considered to add such an option?

I think Akim made this change.  I don't understand it really.
Overriding might seem weird, but it makes sense in some situation:
when using `include' or conditionals.


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