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Re: 2 Questions regarding Conditional builds and DESTDIR ignored

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: 2 Questions regarding Conditional builds and DESTDIR ignored
Date: 05 Mar 2002 15:27:09 -0700

>>>>> ">" == mallum  <address@hidden> writes:

>> I've a project that builds a number of binarys, 1 of which should
>> only be built if apm.h is found.

>> In, I have;
>> and in my I have;
>> if @APMLIB@
>>   APM_PROGS = miniapm
>> endif

The argument to `if' must be an automake conditional, not a subst.  So
you would use something like this in


Then in you would write:

    APM_PROGS = miniapm

>> Also In the same project I have another makefile for building packages
>> of the project. It uses the line;

>>        DESTDIR=`pwd`/build fakeroot make install-strip -C ../../

>> On my x86 machine DESTDIT is honoured and everything works fine. Yet
>> on my ARM machine DESTDIR is ignored and the install is attempted to
>> the prefix directory. Both machines are running debian unstable. 

I can't explain that.  The DESTDIR support, and in fact all of
automake, is supposed to be architecture-independent.  Could you
explain exactly how it fails on ARM?


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