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Re: automake 1.6, lftp

From: Richard Boulton
Subject: Re: automake 1.6, lftp
Date: 03 Jun 2002 00:24:25 +0100

On Sun, 2002-06-02 at 17:46, Glenn Maynard wrote:
> 12:40pm address@hidden/8 [~/l/lftp] automake
> aclocal.m4:6923: invalid unused variable name: `SSL_LDFLAGS'
> invalid unused variable name: `LFTP_SSL_LDFLAGS'
> It's complaining about a couple variable names used by lftp that have
> nothing to do with automake; why's it doing this?  (I can work around
> this by renaming these variables, but it's annoying.)

Update to 1.6.1, it should solve your problem.  If it doesn't, let us

The names have suffixes which are also used for variables which have
special meanings for automake: the typo detection code got a bit too
paranoid in automake version 1.6 and started deciding that such names
were errors.  In version 1.6.1 and later it allows variables with names
ending in reserved suffices if they're defined in, which
I'll be surprised if they aren't.


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