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eBay PowerSeller Secrets. <26357>

From: Biblioman4435
Subject: eBay PowerSeller Secrets. <26357>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 02:28:52 +0700

The Complete eBay™ Auction
Marketing E-Course 

Here's YOUR Chance To Join The Online Auction Revolution And

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Our Complete Marketing E-Course includes:

  1. Make a Fortune on eBay - Learn tips, tricks and secrets the Pros use to make thousands on eBay.

  2. Advanced Selling on eBay - Learn more detailed information on how to sell like a Pro on eBay.

  3. 16 eBay Forms - These forms will help you track, analyze and record your auctions. It contains 16 forms with full instructions. This report also contains the forms in printer friendly version, so you can print them for immediate use. These forms alone are well worth $44.99. A must for any eBay member!

  4. Ebay Marketing Secrets and Ebay Marketing 2001 - selling for as much as $39.99 each.

  5. Wholesale Sources -All the sources you need for products across North America

  6. 101 Auction Secrets Revealed.

  7. NLP Hypnosis On Ebay - How to harness this selling power.

  8. Internet Cash Machines - The sources of ongoing cash for ebay power sellers.

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