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Re: Help neede with automake and Mesa 4.x

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Help neede with automake and Mesa 4.x
Date: 14 Jul 2002 23:49:57 -0600
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>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Williams <address@hidden> writes:

Tom> Thanks for the info.  I'm using automake version 1.6.2 and
Tom> libtool version 1.4.

According to your, you're using automake 1.4-p5:

Tom> # generated automatically by automake 1.4-p5 from

Anyway, digging through the and Makefile, it looks like we
try to tell libtool to use g++ to link the library.  Is this what you
see at `make' time?  (Something like "libtool --mode=link g++ ...")

If so, then you've probably hit a libtool problem.

Tom> this results in a "__gxx_personality_v0" undefined symbol error
Tom> when any app that links to libGLU runs.  This undefined symbol is
Tom> due to C++ exception processing that I think is erroneous being
Tom> linked in since that symbol is used for Java exceptions.

__gxx_personality_v0 is definitely not used for Java exceptions.  It
is the personality function for non-sjlj C++ exceptions.  Java
exceptions use __gcj_personality_*; see gcc/libjava/

Also note there is some text in the gcc manual describing what you
must do in this area.  Search for -shared-libgcc.

However, it seems to me that (1) libtool probably should handle this
automatically, and (2) libtool should be using g++ to link for you
anyway, in which case g++ itself handles this problem.


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