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Cannot use $(addprefix) in _SOURCES?

From: Ross Burton
Subject: Cannot use $(addprefix) in _SOURCES?
Date: 07 Aug 2002 12:32:46 +0100


I am trying to use automake in a program I am writing. It largely
consists of C code which is generated from .gob files.  I have a list of
these .gob files (minus the extension) in a variable GOBS which I can
use $(addprefix) on to generate various lists:

bin_PROGRAMS = devilspie

devilspie_GOBS = \
        devilspie-matcher \
        devilspie-matcher-windowname \

# foo.gob file generates foo.c, foo.h, and possible foo-private.h
        $(addsuffix .c, ${devilspie_GOBS}) \
        $(addsuffix .h, ${devilspie_GOBS}) \
        $(addsuffix -private.h, ${devilspie_GOBS})

devilspie_SOURCES = \
        ${BUILT_SOURCES} \
        config.c \

# Rule to call GOB
%.c %.h %-private.h: %.gob
        @GOB2@ $<

However, when I make 'devilspie' only config.o and devilspie.o are
linked, which results in link-time errors as the other generated .c
files need to be compiled and linked too.  Checking the Makefile reveals

am__objects_1 =
am_devilspie_OBJECTS = $(am__objects_1) config.$(OBJEXT) \

i.e. automake has ignored the $(addprefix) rule.

I guess this is because it does not end in .c at the time when automake
parses the file... is there a way around this or do I have to list every
file explicity?

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