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depcomp for texinfo + automake in guile

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: depcomp for texinfo + automake in guile
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 02:00:20 -0400

hi automake folks,

in the version of guile i'm munging, i decided to generate texinfo from
scanned source snippets, i.e.:

  .scm -> .doc -> .doc-index -> .texi
  .c -> .doc (or .cdoc) -> .doc-index -> .texi

this is not a simple concatenation, however.  .texi is actually made
from .twerp ("texi with eval-requiring predelictions", yuk yuk) files
that are mostly texinfo w/ some

  @twerpdoc (foo-proc (C scm_foo_proc))

style directives.  these are expanded by a program (twerp2texi, q.v.[1])
which consults the .doc-index files, and as a side effect also creates
under the builddir .deps/foo.Ptexi (naming inspired by depcomp) so that
later changes to .scm or .c trigger .texi rebuild.

i could not find ready documentation (automake 1.6.1) on how to emulate
the "include .deps/foo.Ptexi" since, if i add that to, it
seems automake interprets that for itself instead of passing it through
to the end Makefile.  the workaround is to have configure run a program
after invoking config.status to do the job.  is there a better way?

in any case, the methodology works[1] but only by sidestepping automake
in a few places.  my question is: is there a canonical way to do this
w/in the automake worldview that i've not yet discovered?  if not, what
would be the best way to contribute general handling of .texi generation
to automake?

the other top-level question is: i noticed "automake in guile per rms
request" in a todo list (somewhere).  has anyone started that?  if not,
is anyone in the audience interested in funding that work?

thanks in advance for any insights (and thanks for automake!).


    (work in progress; not all doc/ref/*.twerp files have directives.)

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