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Re: Support for new languages

From: Rafael Jesus Alcantara Perez
Subject: Re: Support for new languages
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 04:26:47 +0200

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On Sat 17 Aug 2002 19:25, you wrote:
> >>>>> "Rafael" == Rafael Jesus Alcantara Perez <address@hidden> writes:
> Rafael> Is there any way of adding support for new languages to
> Rafael> AUTOMAKE, without modifying the source of the main AUTOMAKE
> Rafael> script (usually /usr/bin/automake)?
> It depends.
> If the language is a simple C-like language then suffix rules may
> suffice.
> And of course you can always write support code in a .am file that you
> `include' wherever you need it.  This works if the support you need is
> largely boilerplate rules without special processing.
> Otherwise, you need to hack automake.  What language are you concerned
> about?
It is a precompiler of embedded SQL to C++ and Java 
(, so the suffixes are and, so the result suffixes are .cc and .java.

This is a typical piece of text I have to include in every '': : $(UESQL_GENERATED_FILES)
        $(UESQLC) $< --output=$@                    \
                     --cdml-path=$(UESQL_CDML_PATH) \
                     --main-file                    \
                     --language=c++                 \
                     --target=$(UESQL_TARGET)       \

By the way, not so long ago I send a request for enhancement in the Intel C++ 
for Linux, to add support to AUTOCONF/LIBTOOL. The request was moved to the 
next version of the ICC, I hope that this will be the release 7.0.

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