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Re: PATCH for "make distcheck" failure

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: PATCH for "make distcheck" failure
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:40:53 -0700

Richard Boulton wrote:

> automake will be able to calculate the correct value for DIST_SUBDIRS by
> taking all possible values for SUBDIRS.
> So:
> if BAR
>   MAYBE_BAR = bar
> fi
> DIST_SUBDIRS is automatically calculated as "foo bar"

Now it is clear to me.  I did not understand the extra magic.
Thank you.  I was relying on this:

>    It is possible to override the `SUBDIRS' variable if,
> like in the case of GNU `Inetutils', you want to only build
> a subset of the entire package.  In your `' include:
>    Then in your `' you can specify:
>      MY_SUBDIRS="src doc lib po"

:-(   "Read the source, Luke"

OK.  I'm going to straight out solicit some help.  Energetic people
with an hour or so to burn, please CVS-get this tiny project:

  cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/autogen \
    get blocksort

(no password) look at this page:

and suggest ways to make it rock solid and as simple as possible.
Obviously, I won't be using autoconf substitutions in SUBDIRS
anymore.  Hopefully, that will also fix the duplicate file issue, too.
Oh, the files of interest in "blocksort":

Especially note some hackery that I hate in cfg/bootstrap.
Immediately after libtoolizing, I move the config.guess,
config.sub and files into the cfg directory.
If I don't, it fails.  If I do, I get sick.  Shouldn't
libtoolize have a config aux-directory option?  What am
I missing this time?

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