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Re: auto* overhead

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: auto* overhead
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 19:35:12 -0700

> One question is: how does this scale?  Maybe there is a high fixed
> overhead and then a low cost for additional changes.

autoconf macros have a high multiplier, and that will
depend on the particular macro.  From my favorite example:

$ find ag -type f -name 'Make*.in' | xargs fileinfo -s -N32
ag/xml2ag/                 13906
ag/agen5/test/              9275
ag/agen5/                  23887
ag/getdefs/test/            8342
ag/getdefs/                17153
ag/compat/                  6948
ag/pkg/                     6799
ag/columns/                13259
ag/snprintfv/config/        6138
ag/snprintfv/tests/        14041
ag/snprintfv/snprintfv/    17499
ag/snprintfv/doc/          11424
ag/snprintfv/              13912
ag/autoopts/test/           8760
ag/autoopts/               26063
ag/doc/                    12739
ag/                        15936
$ find ag -type f -name 'configure*' | xargs fileinfo -s -N32
ag/configure                         400696
ag/snprintfv/configure               346527
ag/snprintfv/             13391
ag/                        7538

$ find bs -type f -name 'configure*' | xargs fileinfo -s -N32
bs/                        2623
bs/configure                         330745
$ find bs -type f -name 'Make*.in' | xargs fileinfo -s -N32
bs/libopts/                11651
bs/                        24515

Looks like configure is a much bigger problem, unless
you have an awful lot of buildable subdirectories.

> Another question is: how much of the overhead is `foo = @foo@' lines
> in  There's a way we could eliminate this overhead.

Nice, but I think there is bigger, lower hanging fruit.

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