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Multi-language man pages

From: Josef Spillner
Subject: Multi-language man pages
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 20:08:07 +0200
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What is the right way to install man pages with languages different from C 

Back in December 2000, someone complained that foo.xx.1 was installed as 
xx/man1/foo.1 instead of man1/foo.xx.1. So I guess extracting the language 
code from the name (it could also be foo.1.xx) will be a hairy task, although 
it would be easy for automake users (i.e. simply add all man pages to the 
list, they'll end up in the right directory).

Second way would be to allow paths for man pages, similar to DATA, e.g.:
        manfrdir = $(mandir)/fr
        manfr_MANS =

This would already require more complex's, but at least would be 
of more use than the current behaviour in this situation (to do nothing).

The last remaining choice would be to drop man_MANS entirely (for i18n'd 
projects) and use DATA everywhere.


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