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Re: cp: ../../doc/stamp-vti: Permission denied

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: cp: ../../doc/stamp-vti: Permission denied
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 20:18:50 +0200
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>>> "mcmahill" == mcmahill  <address@hidden> writes:

 mcmahill> I'm trying to figure out whats going on here.  I have
 mcmahill> a small project with a texinfo file in the doc/
 mcmahill> directory.  I have

 mcmahill> info_TEXINFOS=  foo.texi
 mcmahill> BUILT_SOURCES=       foo.texi

(AFAICT, this doesn't seem to be a case where BUILT_SOURCES is
needed: there is no "hidden" dependency upon foo.texi.)

 mcmahill> in and foo.texi gets created from
 mcmahill> with autoconf (there are a handful of
 mcmahill> values which get propagated to several places
 mcmahill> including the documentation).

Unfortunately Automake doesn't support _built_ Texinfo files :(

If foo.texi is created by ./configure then is always
rebuilt by `make all'.  Thus there is no point in distributing, but you have no clean way to tell Automake that.

(Similarly version.texi is always updated by `make all' 
to match to new modification date of `foo.texi', and it is
distributed too.)

`make distcheck' ensures you don't distribute files which get
rebuilt by `make all'.  No luck, that's precisely your case.


 mcmahill> Is this a bug or a pilot error?

An unsupported feature.  What you need is a way to not
distribute info files.

There is another issue related to built Texinfo files you have
probably encountered: when you run Automake, it wants to read
`foo.texi'.  However `foo.texi' might not exist yet at the time
Automake is run.

Sorry, I'm afraid this all isn't very helpful.
Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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