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Re: 0.11.5: gettextize with external

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: 0.11.5: gettextize with external
Date: 04 Sep 2002 16:58:30 +0200
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| Akim Demaille writes:
| > the following paragraph is not honored by gettextize:
| > 
| > `aclocal.m4' at top level
| > -------------------------
| > 
| >    If you do not have an `aclocal.m4' file in your distribution, the
| > simplest is to concatenate the files `codeset.m4', `gettext.m4',
| > `glibc21.m4', `iconv.m4', `intdiv0.m4', `inttypes.m4', `inttypes_h.m4',
| > `inttypes-pri.m4', `isc-posix.m4', `lcmessage.m4', `lib-ld.m4',
| > `lib-link.m4', `lib-prefix.m4', `progtest.m4', `stdint_h.m4',
| > `uintmax_t.m4', `ulonglong.m4' from GNU `gettext''s `m4/' directory
| > into a single file.  If you have suppressed the `intl/' directory, only
| > `gettext.m4', `iconv.m4', `lib-ld.m4', `lib-link.m4', `lib-prefix.m4',
| > `progtest.m4' need to be concatenated.
| This paragraph is a recipe for the user who doesn't use the 'aclocal'
| program. It is not a precise description how 'gettextize' works.

I was aware gettextize was not reading, but thanks for
making this explicit.

| > Running gettextize on a project that is not including intl/ still
| > copies and installs m4 files that are not needed.
| It is correct. If gettextize did not copy these files, the subsequent
| 'aclocal' invocation would fail. I consider this a bug in the
| 'aclocal' program version 1.5.

Do you have any evidence of this ``bug''?  It turns out that I have
removed all these useless files, and aclocal runs fine.  So I'm not
aware of the bug you are referring to, nor could I find any bug report
related to this on Automake's list.

Once this alocal bug fixed, could gettextize be fixed?  I can provide
the patch if that's a problem.

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