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From: Erik Hofman
Subject: ARFLAGS added
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 11:27:07 +0200
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I am involved in the Freeware Flight Simulator project FlightGear ( and am having difficulties building it for Irix. Actually I've managed to get around these problems, but decided to elliminate the problem for once and forever.

Therefore I've added an ARFLAGS definition to (see the patch) because at this time when setting program_AR = $(CXX) -ar -o the resulting link line will be:

CC -ar -o cru

This cru part is unsupported by the MispPro compiler, making the _AR section useless.

What I've done is adding the ARFLAGS option, which should result in the following behaviour:

program_AR = $(CXX) -ar

at link time: CC -ar -o

which is exactly what is needed!

One problem though, it seems that my system defines ARFLASG = rv whihc is inappropriate in most circumstances. Could someone defule ARFLAGS=cru somewhere in the code?

BTW. The explanation should read something like this:

     A static library is created by default by invoking `$(AR) cru'
     followed by the name of the library and then the objects being put
     into the library.  You can override this by setting the `_AR'
     variable.  This is usually used with C++; some C++ compilers
     require a special invocation in order to instantiate all the
     templates which should go into a library.  For instance, the SGI
     C++ compiler likes this macro set like so when using STL:
          ARFLAGS = -o
          libmaude_a_AR = $(CXX) -ar

---    Thu Sep  5 11:12:15 2002
+++ Thu Sep  5 11:03:01 2002
@@ -2893,7 +2893,7 @@
        if (! variable_defined ($xlib . '_AR'))
-           &define_variable ($xlib . '_AR', '$(AR) cru');
+           &define_variable ($xlib . '_AR', '$(AR) $(ARFLAGS)');
        if (variable_defined ($xlib . '_LIBADD'))

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