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Re: ARFLAGS added

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: ARFLAGS added
Date: 08 Sep 2002 22:59:55 -0600
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>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Hofman <address@hidden> writes:

Erik> Therefore I've added an ARFLAGS definition to (see the
Erik> patch) because at this time when setting program_AR = $(CXX) -ar -o
Erik> the resulting link line will be:

What version of automake are you using?

Erik> program_AR = $(CXX) -ar

I think this ought to override the default setting (which includes
"cru").  So this should work already.

Erik> -     &define_variable ($xlib . '_AR', '$(AR) cru');
Erik> +     &define_variable ($xlib . '_AR', '$(AR) $(ARFLAGS)');

This change supports my theory.  If you redefine the per-library _AR
setting, the "cru" won't be included -- this code is only run if the
per-library AR setting is not defined.

If it still fails for you, could you write a test case in the style of
the test suite that shows the problem?  Thanks.


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