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Re: Difference between AM_CFLAGS, AM_CPPFLAGS, and AM_LDFLAGS

From: Stephen Torri
Subject: Re: Difference between AM_CFLAGS, AM_CPPFLAGS, and AM_LDFLAGS
Date: 10 Sep 2002 08:47:38 -0500

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 01:06, Paul Smith wrote:
> Steve gave you the advantage: so you can run them individually.
> There are many compilers that won't accept linker flags (libraries,
> etc.) on a command line meant to compile a file (but not link it).
> The reason for having a separate CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS is even stronger:
> often you want to just run the C preprocessor (or a tool that takes the
> same arguments as the C preprocessor) either for debugging, or running
> tools like lint, or instrumenting your code with special debugging
> capabilities, etc.  In this case you need to be able to run the
> preprocessor and be sure you're getting all the same arguments as when
> you compile the code into an object file.

Thanks for the reply. I will work on the project separating the the
flags into the three variables.


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