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using Automake with unsupported languages

From: Vance Shipley
Subject: using Automake with unsupported languages
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 21:24:15 -0400
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I have as part of the package I'm building files written in Erlang.
I have not found a way to get them built using Automake.

Erlang source files have .erl extensions.  The erlang compiler 'erlc'
creates files with the extension .beam.  Erlang is similiar to Java
in that it uses a virtual machine.  These .beam files are the compiled
programs which are run by the Erlang virtual machine.

I created a rule for making .beam files out of .erl source files:

   @ERLC@ -b beam $@ $<

(Autoconf finds the path to the erlc compiler)

Now how can I create Automake instructions to build foo.beam?

I tried this but it is still expecting a .o file:

bin_PROGRAMS            = netaccess.beam
netaccess_beam_SOURCES  = netaccess.erl


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