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Custom make rules

From: Ralf Corsepius
Subject: Custom make rules
Date: 19 Sep 2002 07:13:23 +0200

Am Mit, 2002-09-18 um 23.23 schrieb Alexandre Duret-Lutz:
> Please SHOUT LOUD if your package works with Automake 1.6.3 but
> doesn't with 1.6d.

Using custom compilations rules in a

# cat
${ARCH}/%.$(OBJEXT): %.S
        test -d ${ARCH} || mkdir ${ARCH}
        ${CCASCOMPILE} -o $@ -c $<

${ARCH}/%.$(OBJEXT): %.c
        test -d ${ARCH} || mkdir ${ARCH}
        ${COMPILE} -o $@ -c $<

# autoreconf -fi
autoreconf: `aclocal.m4' is unchanged redefinition of `${ARCH}/%.$(OBJEXT)'... ... `${ARCH}/%.$(OBJEXT)' previously defined here.

1. automake-1.6.3 and previous versions did not complain.
2. automake's complaint is wrong. These are two different make rules.

Could it be that automake-1.6d is confused about variables (VAR=..) and
rules (VAR: ...)?


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