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Re: Should ylwap get installed by autoreconf -i?

From: Harlan Stenn
Subject: Re: Should ylwap get installed by autoreconf -i?
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 20:21:03 -0400
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> Harlan> I'm asking because we have discovered that (since
> Harlan> automake/1.5, at least) ylwrap is not being installed by
> Harlan> either "automake --add-missing" or "autoreconf --install".
> Does this still happen with 1.6 and the current 1.7 prerelease?
> I remember some fixes in this area between 1.5 and now.
> In any case, failure to install this file is a bug.

At the moment I'm not sure where the real problem is (or isn't).

I have the current software project almost building using 2.54 and pre-1.7,
ylwrap is not present and is not being missed.

Under 1.5, ylwrap was not being auto-installed, but Somebody was complaining
that it did not exist.  We got around this problem by forcing an install of
ylwrap, and the original problem may have been that "Somebody" was looking
for ylwrap when it wasn't really needed.

I should know more about this (potential) problem when I can finish more of
the build using the latest auto* tools.


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