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Re: Problem with 'make distcheck'

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Problem with 'make distcheck'
Date: 27 Sep 2002 09:39:00 -0600
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>>>>> "adl" == Alexandre Duret-Lutz <address@hidden> writes:

Tom> top_dir = ..
Tom> foo_SOURCES = $(top_dir)/foo.c

adl> Hmmm, are you sure?  This construct is the one used in PR/325.
adl> It breaks the dependency tracking code (the dependency file will have
adl> "\$\(top_dir\)" in its name).

Yeah, you're right :-(.

I suppose we could add a %top_srcdir% substitution that is done while
reading.  That would be a new thing, though.  I'd prefer to be
cautious about it.


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