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Re: module level flags

From: Tim Prince
Subject: Re: module level flags
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 16:17:29 -0700

On Saturday 28 September 2002 16:05, Bruce Korb wrote:
> As best as I can determine, there is no easy way to say, "do
> not optimize this particular module".  The best way would be
> with a #pragma around the problematical function, but I'll
> be happy with anything that does not disable optimization for
> the entire program and does not prevent someone from overriding
> CFLAGS for that module, either.  Suggestions?  Thanks!
So you've ruled out the old-fashioned way of dividing your source into 
separate files, and specifying specific compile flags for the one you don't 
want optimized?  Every make-like compiler driver supports this.  Certain 
compilers support in-file specification of compile flags, subroutine by 
subroutine, and more may do so.  Do you mean something which works with all 
Fortran compilers, past, present, and future, since you haven't specified?
Tim Prince

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