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Problems executing ./configure on Solaris

From: Lorrie Wood
Subject: Problems executing ./configure on Solaris
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 11:26:15 -0700
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        Hello, I'm having trouble using scripts generated by autoconf
on Solaris 8. No matter what package is involved (I've tried mutt,
ncurses, and slocate so far), the ./configure process hangs when attempting
to create config.status. It was suggested to me that I try changing all
instances of /bin/sh to one of the existing bash instances on my
system, but this did not fix anything. Trussing the process shows it has
gone to sleep, config.log shows nothing out of the ordinary -- there just
aren't any error messages to be found!

        As this occurs when trying to compile several different packages,
and as non-autoconf packages (e.g. postfix) compile without incident,
I can only assume that the problem lies in the configure script generated
by autoconf. Any assistance would be appreciated -- there are some security
updates for this server (which is not the one this mail is coming from,
thanks) that are pending a functional build platform!

        Thanks in advance...

-- Lorrie

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