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Re: How to specify 2 stage build in

From: Duncan Gibson
Subject: Re: How to specify 2 stage build in
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 16:29:38 +0100

Apologies for not replying sooner, but I've been away for a week.

Duncan Gibson wrote:
DG> bin_PROGRAMS = CubeView
DG> CubeView_SOURCES = \
DG> CubeMain.cxx \
DG> CubeView.cxx CubeView.h \
DG> CubeViewUI.fl
DG> SUFFIXES = .cxx .h .fl
DG> .fl.cxx .fl.h:
DG>        fluid -c $<

Alexandre Duret-Lutz replied:
AD> Automake won't understand this (looks like a bug to me).  That's
AD> why you later had to add
AD>     nodist_CubeView_SOURCES = CubeViewUI.cxx CubeViewUI.h
AD> If you rewrite your implicit rules as
AD>     .fl.cxx:
AD>         fluid -c $<
AD>     .fl.h:
AD>         fluid -c $<

AD> Automake should be able to figure that CubeViewUI.fl can be
AD> transformed into CubeViewUI.cxx which in turn needs to be compiled,
AD> without the help of a nodist_CubeView_SOURCES variable. (You don't
AD> even need to define SUFFIXES if you do that.)

Thanks, that works. It's not obvious (or necessarily documented) that
some common 'make' constructions don't convert directly to 'automake'.

DG> Now 'make' still fails when it tries to build
DG> CubeMain.o because it wants to #include CubeViewUI.h
DG> which has not yet been built. However, if I say 'make
DG> CubeViewUI.cxx' then 'fluid -c CubeViewUI.fl' is called
DG> as expected.

AD> The simplest answer is
AD>     BUILT_SOURCES = CubeViewUI.h
AD> this will cause CubeViewUI.h to be built before anything else.

I was hunting through the documentation trying to find something like
this, but I obviously missed it. I will try to incorporate it during
the next round of changes.


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