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making a package install in a nonconventional dir

From: miki . shapiro
Subject: making a package install in a nonconventional dir
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 14:59:46 +0200

Hi all

I'm converting homemade makes into autotools, and am doing so without
actually touching code. The code needs a define of the project's
installation directory, and today has it manually assigned.

How do I kindly ask automake (in to install
mypackage_PROGRAMS, mypackage_LIBRARIES, et cetra - into one directory -
/opt/mypackage for instance - (as in the way the developers of autotools
intended this sort of thing to be done)
>From what I figure, I should use "prefix" and somehow make libdir, datadir,
etc. reference that.

Later, what #define should I reference in the C sources to get a const
char* string of that directory?


Miki Shapiro <address@hidden>
Coder - Unixophile - Boarder - Quake God
Aladdin Knowledge Systems
Tel: +972-(4)-8811403  ICQ: 3EE853
C++ Berkeley Burton Tribes
Have board. Will ride.

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