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Re: Java Support In Future Releases?

From: nferrier
Subject: Re: Java Support In Future Releases?
Date: 08 Nov 2002 09:40:21 +0000

Dan Kegel <address@hidden> writes:

> Paul Eggert wrote:
> >>From: "Eric Lemings" <address@hidden>
> >>Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 14:23:28 -0700
> >>
> >>After reading through Section 11.4 of the Automake Manual, I was just =
> >>curious about how well future releases of Automake (and Autoconf) are =
> >>going to support distributions with Java source code.  Just for the =
> >>record, could the maintainers chime in on plans for Java?
> >
> >
> > What sort of work would be involved?  Can you help do it, or at least
> > outline what's needed?
> BTW most Java folks prefer Ant to make...

Some Java folks prefer Ant. There are *many* GNU java people who use
make still and don't like Ant.

Last year I wrote a program called automakejar that operates in an
automake like way to produce a java archive file (called a jar file)
from a template, eg: you might put something like this in your
Makefile or


you then run the automakejar program and it creates some make rules
which compile the program to a jar file using time stamp dependancy
tracking on the source files.

I find this quite convieniant and better than using automake (because
I don't have to split out the make into each java package). I also
prefer it to Ant because it keeps everything in make still, it's still
as flexible as Ant for building a jar file.

Using automakejar is inconvieniant because it's not integrated with
all the other auto* tools. The GNU java people (I'm one of 'em) are
currently maintaining automakejar in a savannah repository of general
Java tools.

Would the auto* tool maintainers be interested in hearing more about
automakejar's functionality? Perhaps with a view to implementing
similar functionality in automake?

automakejar is implemented as shell script which spawns a bunch of sed


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