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Disabling dependency tracking - how?

From: miki . shapiro
Subject: Disabling dependency tracking - how?
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 14:21:12 +0200

Hi all!

For the protocol, I'm using am-1.7 and ac-2.54.

Is there a way to avoid using the dynamically-generated list of make
subrules (for every seperate object file) and simply have automake generate
a static list inside (that will be later copied into the
project's makefile)?

I (*think* that I) want it to crash miserably when missing header files,
and not work around that (This is a commercial project).

Also, I looked inside this autogenerated rule (in .deps/cppfilename.Po) ,
for some reason automake sticks all 40 header files in the rule. Why?
AFAIK, it's not mandatory to mention them during compilation (The C
preprocessor fits their contents in either way). Is there an advantage I am
not aware of in doing it so?


Miki Shapiro <address@hidden>
Coder - Unixophile - Boarder - Quake God
Aladdin Knowledge Systems
Tel: +972-(4)-8811403  ICQ: 3EE853
C++ Berkeley Burton Tribes
Have board. Will ride.

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