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Re: automake and rpcgen

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: automake and rpcgen
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 08:06:24 -0800

Paul J wrote:

> I wish to produce a library from two xdr files, datarpc.x and
> visualrpc.x. Originally, the following GNU make commands produced the
> correct output files which, by means of a hand crafted makefile (using
> g++ as the compiler), compiled the rpcgen produced files into .o's:

Automake (or make for that matter) is not well designed for handling
rules that produce multiple outputs.  The simplest, most straight
forward way to handle such tools is with relay dependencies and
regular make rules:

   FOO_GEN = foo-hdr.h foo-xdr.c foo-svc.c foo-clnt.c foo-tbl.h
   CLEANFILES = ... $(FOO_GEN) ...
   $(FOO_GEN) : foo-stamp
   foo-stamp : foo.x
        rpcgen -... foo.x
        touch $@

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