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missing fi for compilation to .obj

From: Eric Blake
Subject: missing fi for compilation to .obj
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 08:29:45 -0700
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This patch comes from a problem reported to jikes. I'm using the cygwin version of automake, which recently upgraded to automake 1.7.1 (from automake 1.6). After regenerating, the makefile now has this line:

@am__fastdepCXX_TRUE@ -c -o $@ `if test -f '$<'; then $(CYGPATH_W) '$<'; else $(CYGPATH_W) '$(srcdir)/$<'`; \

Notice the missing fi inside the backticks.

I don't have the automake sources in front of me, but the file to patch gets installed as /usr/share/automake/am/

2002-11-14  Eric Blake  <address@hidden>

        * am/ Add missing fi in c.obj rule.

This signature intentionally left boring.

Eric Blake             address@hidden
  BYU student, free software programmer

---      2002-11-14 08:16:26.000000000 -0700
+++  2002-11-14 08:18:00.000000000 -0700
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
        if %COMPILE% -MT %OBJOBJ% -MD -MP -MF "%DEPBASE%.Tpo" \
 ## Ugly invocation here; using a variable fails due to a parsing
 ## problem in automake.
-         %-c% -o %OBJOBJ% `if test -f '%SOURCE%'; then $(CYGPATH_W) 
'%SOURCE%'; else $(CYGPATH_W) '$(srcdir)/%SOURCE%'`; \
+         %-c% -o %OBJOBJ% `if test -f '%SOURCE%'; then $(CYGPATH_W) 
'%SOURCE%'; else $(CYGPATH_W) '$(srcdir)/%SOURCE%'; fi`; \
        then mv "%DEPBASE%.Tpo" "%DEPBASE%.Po"; \
        else rm -f "%DEPBASE%.Tpo"; exit 1; \
@@ -72,8 +72,8 @@
        depfile='%DEPBASE%.Po' tmpdepfile='%DEPBASE%.TPo' @AMDEPBACKSLASH@
        $(%FPFX%DEPMODE) $(depcomp) @AMDEPBACKSLASH@
 endif %AMDEP%
-?-o?   %COMPILE% %-c% %-o% %OBJOBJ% `if test -f '%SOURCE%'; then $(CYGPATH_W) 
'%SOURCE%'; else $(CYGPATH_W) '$(srcdir)/%SOURCE%'`
-?!-o?  %COMPILE% %-c% `if test -f '%SOURCE%'; then $(CYGPATH_W) '%SOURCE%'; 
else $(CYGPATH_W) '$(srcdir)/%SOURCE%'`
+?-o?   %COMPILE% %-c% %-o% %OBJOBJ% `if test -f '%SOURCE%'; then $(CYGPATH_W) 
'%SOURCE%'; else $(CYGPATH_W) '$(srcdir)/%SOURCE%'; fi`
+?!-o?  %COMPILE% %-c% `if test -f '%SOURCE%'; then $(CYGPATH_W) '%SOURCE%'; 
else $(CYGPATH_W) '$(srcdir)/%SOURCE%'; fi`
 endif !%FASTDEP%
 if %?LIBTOOL%

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