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Re: Starting "make" in subdirectory rather than root

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: Starting "make" in subdirectory rather than root
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:23:10 -0500
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As long as the sub-project didn't have dependencies on the other parts, your sound developer should be able to configure, cd Z and make. You could even create a for Z that would just configure that portion. If Z does have dependencies on other parts then make sure they're satisfiable via the generated makefile.


Stephen Torri wrote:
I am helpin maintain the automake/autoconf scripts for a project. The
structure we have right now works great when you run "make" at the root
directory of the source tree. The developers want to know if there is a
way to start with a clean tree that has had "./configure" runned on it
and start compiling in a subdirectory? The reason is that a sound
developer would like to test their changes on a clean checkout from CVS
but do want to compile the other directories the root. If we had a tree


If the developer was only interested in lets say directory 'Z'. Then
because our is written with 'Z' as the last directory in the
SUBDIRS the develop has a long time to wait until theirs is built. If it
were possible to start building in 'Z' then it may take considerably
less time to build than a full make job. Directory 'Z' might only depend
on a few libraries in 'A', 'G' and 'R'. Four directories is nicer than
24 from a developers point of view.

I hope this explains what I am looking at for a solution.


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