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Problem with

From: Roger D. Vargas
Subject: Problem with
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 17:07:23 -0500
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I have this

bin_PROGRAMS = tower
tower_HEADERS = tower.h objs.h character.h npc.h map.h skill.h cache.h 
attribute.h ui.h \
                sprite.h missile.h tradedlg.h dialogbox.h inv_widget.h Script.h 
player.h \
                world.h tileset.h view.h utils.h  Surface.h xml.h
tower_SOURCES = tower.cpp objs.cpp character.cpp npc.cpp map.cpp skill.cpp 
cache.cpp ui.cpp \
                sprite.cpp missile.cpp tradedlg.cpp dialogbox.cpp \
                inv_widget.cpp Script.cpp ScriptSpeech.cpp CacheItem.cpp  
Surface.cpp \
                xml.cpp CacheFactory.h CacheFactory.cpp \
                world.cpp worldfactory.cpp  tileset.cpp view.cpp  player.cpp


EXTRA_DIST = bitmps save creatures sprites The-Tower.jpg

It worked fine until a couple of hour ago. Now one of the developers added 
some files and removed 

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