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mupliple po/ directories

From: zaufi
Subject: mupliple po/ directories
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 16:00:13 +0300
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Hi all

Possible this is offtopic, but I'm not found gettext related mail list...

I try to make configuration scripts using autoconf/automake for my new 
project. I have a few source code directories inside wich is contain code for 
different binaries. For example:

bin_PROGRAMS = tool_1
tool_1_SOURCE =

bin_PROGRAMS = tool_2
tool_2_SOURCE =

And I whould like to make them international (using gettext), but they should 
have different domains (i.e. translated messages files): and
But after reading manuals I'm still don't understand how to do that...
gettextize put files into $(top_srcdir)/admin, $(top_srcdir)/intl and 
$(top_srcdir)/po directories. How to tell him that I have tool_1/po and 
tool_2/po too???

PS: My system is MDK9.0 with gettext 0.11.2

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