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Re: Removing dependencies

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Removing dependencies
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 01:42:41 -0600
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Bill Moseley wrote:
> I'm also finding on non GNU-make (like on BSD) that I cannot build in a
> separate build directory -- that I need to build where I untar the source.
> Otherwise make thinks the targets do not exist.  I assume that's because
> VPATH only applies to source files not targets as well?  Or it my Makefile
> that is the problem?

I think your makefile has the problem.  I am sure that others will
correct me if I am totally mistaken.

> doc_DATA = \
>       INSTALL \
>       README
> INSTALL: $(top_srcdir)/pod/INSTALL.pod
>       -rm -f $(top_srcdir)/INSTALL
>       -pod2text $(top_srcdir)/pod/INSTALL.pod > $(top_srcdir)/INSTALL
> README: $(top_srcdir)/pod/README.pod
>       -rm -f $(top_srcdir)/README
>       -pod2text $(top_srcdir)/pod/README.pod > $(top_srcdir)/README

I think the problem is that you are building into $(top_srcdir) but
you should be building into $(top_builddir).  When you build in the
same directory as you untar these two directories are the same and
things work.  But when you try to build in a build dir they are
different and therefore missing there.

Try this instead.

INSTALL: $(top_srcdir)/pod/INSTALL.pod
        -rm -f $(top_srcdir)/INSTALL
        -pod2text $(top_srcdir)/pod/INSTALL.pod > $(top_builddir)/INSTALL

README: $(top_srcdir)/pod/README.pod
        -rm -f $(top_srcdir)/README
        -pod2text $(top_srcdir)/pod/README.pod > $(top_builddir)/README

In a nutshell all built targets need to be either relative or use


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