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simple java compilation

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: simple java compilation
Date: 07 Apr 2003 23:57:36 +0100

I'm trying to set up a simple java project (for GNU as it happens)
which uses autotools and I'm having problems.

I've got ac working but I can't get automake to build a Makefile that
will do anything. Here's the rough outline of my

 # for GNU JAXP.

 # The java source files that make up the project
 GNUJAXP_JAVASRC = source/gnu/xml/aelfred2/ \

 JARFILE = gnujaxp.jar

 data_DATA = ${JARFILE}


         @echo $? | address@hidden@ \
                    address@hidden@ \
                          ./jarcompiler $^

 # Remove jar file
         rm -f ${JARFILE}

 # End of

The jarcompiler script is of my own making. It compiles the source
files echoed to it into a jar file (as specified as the program

The generated has the following variables and targets, as
you'd expect:

 JARFILE = gnujaxp.jar
 data_DATA = ${JARFILE}
 DATA = $(data_DATA)

 all-am: Makefile $(DATA)

        @echo $? | address@hidden@ \
                   address@hidden@ \
                         ./jarcompiler $^

And when I run autoconf to generate the Makefile I get those same
targets, with the ac variables resolved.

When I run Make however, it complains that there is nothing to do for

I've tried not using the variable for the target name and as the
value of the data_DATA variables and the BUILT_SOURCES variable; to
no effect.

Can anybody help me work out what I'm doing wrong?

I'm using automake v1.7.

Nic Ferrier

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