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Re: LEX/YACC definitions header

From: William S Fulton
Subject: Re: LEX/YACC definitions header
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 08:37:48 +0100
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See There seem to be two home pages for Automake:

They don't mirror each other and it seems that the redhat site is the one being maintained. I found this rather confusing until I worked out that there are two sites. There is very little useful info on the GNU site, for example, no info on mailing lists nor info on how to submit bugs. Perhaps the two sites should be synchronised or cross links put in?


Sander Niemeijer wrote:
The online docs at <> still seem to contain the Automake-1.7.2 docs. So where can I find the newer docs then?


On maandag, apr 28, 2003, at 11:22 Europe/Amsterdam, William S Fulton wrote:

Sander Niemeijer wrote:

On zaterdag, apr 26, 2003, at 00:05 Europe/Amsterdam, Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:

Note that Automake recognizes -d but not --define (the latter
isn't portable anyway).  There is a discussion about using
`AM_YFLAGS = -d' in the manual, don't miss the note about

I was also looking for this '-d' option, but I couldn't find it in the automake manual (I looked in the 'Yacc and Lex support' section). Have I overlooked something or is this feature really not documented?

You need the docs from Automake-1.7.3 or later. It's in the online docs.


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