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Re: What *target* use for non-source files want to add to package like D

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: What *target* use for non-source files want to add to package like DATA?
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 22:17:40 -0600
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address@hidden wrote:
> What is $pkgdatadir?? Is that predefined by Autotools?

Yes, from the automake documentation:

  info '(automake)Uniform'

    Automake extends this list with `pkglibdir', `pkgincludedir', and
    `pkgdatadir'; these are the same as the non-`pkg' versions, but
    with address@hidden@' appended.  For instance, `pkglibdir' is defined
    as `$(libdir)/@PACKAGE@'.

> Is there some implicit understanding that in order
> to do
> xyz_DATA = ...
> you must first define
> xyzdir = ... ???
> Will "make install" put all that xyz_DATA stuff in
> $(xyzdir)?

    Sometimes the standard directories--even as augmented by
    Automake-- are not enough.  In particular it is sometimes useful,
    for clarity, to install objects in a subdirectory of some
    predefined directory.  To this end, Automake allows you to extend
    the list of possible installation directories.  A given prefix
    (e.g. `zar') is valid if a variable of the same name with `dir'
    appended is defined (e.g. `zardir').

    For instance, until HTML support is part of Automake, you could
    use this to install raw HTML documentation:

         htmldir = $(prefix)/html
         html_DATA = automake.html

> > EXTRA_DIST, to distribute, but not install anywhere.  If it's
> > e.g. HTML docs, I do this:
> > 
> > htmldatadir = $(pkgdatadir)/doc/html
> > htmldata_DATA = index.html ...
> > EXTRA_DIST = $(htmldata_DATA) ...
> > 
> > For installed program data files, I'd do something very similar:
> > 
> > xmldatadir = $(pkgdatadir)/xml
> > xmldata_DATA = foo.xml bar.xml ...
> > EXTRA_DIST = $(xmldata_DATA)

> Your html and xml examples were essentially the same.
> Were you suggesting html would *not* be installed but
> *xml* example files would be?? What makes the difference?
> I don't see it.

I read both examples as being distributed and installed.  They were
slightly different examples of using EXTRA_DIST to get the file into
the distribution and name_DATA to install them for two different types
of files.


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