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Re: What *target* use for non-source files want to add to package like D

From: cs
Subject: Re: What *target* use for non-source files want to add to package like DATA?
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 12:38:20 -0700 (MST)


Thanks.  I've read this email many times.  It took several readings.
EXTRA_DIST just puts stuff in tarball and name_DATA just installs stuff.
You cleared up fact that you may install something NOT in tarball.

Notice at this point, if all we knew were EXTRA_DIST and name_DATA,
then everyone is happy and all is resolved.....

dist_ and noinst_ still scare me and seem unnecessary.....

dist_name_DATA --> is this a way to combine EXTRA_DIST and name_DATA
                   in one line??? All files here will be in tarball
                   AND installed right???

noinst_name_DATA --> now this one seems really useless... it neither
                     installs nor puts anything in tarball right?!?!?


 -------- Original Message --------
   Subject: Re: What *target* use for non-source files want to add to
package like DATA?
   From: address@hidden (Bob Proulx)
   Date: Thu, May 1, 2003 9:32 am
   To: address@hidden

   address@hidden wrote:
   > >   If you don't want them installed, use
   > >   noinst_DATA, or just add them to EXTRA_DIST.


   > >   You must add them to EXTRA_DIST, or else they won't be added to
   > >   the distribution tarball with "make dist".


   > If I use _DATA without noinst like so....
   > e.g. htmldata_DATA
   > then will *that* go in distribution tarball???


   > If removing noinst implies it will go into tarball then
   > EXTRA_DIST seems redundant doesn't it??

   No.  Here is the point you are missing.

   EXTRA_DIST does not install anything but just carries it along in the
   distribution.  It is up to you what to do with it.

   name_DATA installs files but does not put it in the distribution.  You
   are probably installing something you are creating and therefore it
   would not be in the original source.

   If you are installing something that is in the original source that
   you are not creating then you need to make the file appear in both
   EXTRA_DIST and name_DATA.  At least in EXTRA_DIST.  You might use
   other methods to install it.


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