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Re: problem with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS and automake

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: problem with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS and automake
Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 16:21:33 +0200
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Dale E Martin schrieb:

OK, so I'm doing it right now, great :-)  Back to the original question -
is there some way I can get "AC_CONFIG_HEADERS" to work with both automake
1.7 and automake 1.5, or something that will give me the same
functionality?  Or do I need to establish a new minimum version of automake
and tell my developers to upgrade?

You might re-open a primary mail-thread on this, I guess, perhaps
an automake pro can tell more. Perhaps you have to stick with the
AM_ format and accept warnings or some such.

Interestingly, last time I asked about this (a few weeks back) noone
mentioned AX_PREFIX_CONFIG_H.  I'll look into that.

The ac-archive macros are not part of the accepted standard breed of
macros as shipped by autoconf, not everyone uses them, knows them, or
likes them.

Then where do people get them?  I'll have to do some googling for past
discussions about this I guess.

It's been in the footer of my mails, or perhaps
the gnu branch of it at - since
these two are my own macros the personal section on sourceforge is a
better source even though sometimes a bit ahead and experimental.

The discussion about prefix-config-h comes up a bit more often lately as
it seems the number of autoconf'd libraries is simply
increasing. Reusable software components seem to get some advancements.

And/or autotools are gaining popularity.

May be, may be not. The autotools have been used fairly well for quite
a time, it's just interesting to see that they are used more and more
for vertical developments and lots of interdependet libraries. More and
more projects split up their monolithic development plan into multiple
smaller categories packaged independently, the gnome project has a
few _dozen_ libraries and module places around, and xfce4 is again
packaged quite differently than xfce3 with multiple modules and rpms
instead of a single big block. Of course, the ongoing process of
autotools functionaly helps in that plan.

cheers, guido                         

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