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Re: Status of Java support and Guile conversion?

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: Status of Java support and Guile conversion?
Date: 04 May 2003 21:37:12 -0400

Roland Besserer <address@hidden> writes:

   [auto* in guile...] Anyone have any info on this effort?

last i heard the entry in the alluded todo file was more an rms
appeasement than anything concrete.  i think it would be cool to do
anyway and am slowly working towards the basis for this kind of change.
the roadmap is basically:

  - add efficient parser to guile distro
  - add parser generator to guile distro (compat w/ semantic bovinator)
  - develop sh, .h, .texi, etc. grammars (or port from semantic)
  - dup functionality of existing auto* tools
  - write autodebug (that's a joke, heh :-)

some of these tasks can be parallelized if the vision is shared, but it
looks like sharing the vision is never an easy task, and the number of
people who would invest effort into this kind of deep infrastructure is
pretty small.  mix in the standard guile maintainer solipsism and you
can easily predict that nothing will be delivered for another 10 years.

however, having said that, anyone interested in this little mega project
feel free to check out:

for some work in progress on the first item above, and join the semantic
bovinator and auto* tools mailing list(s) for the rest...


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